The Vegan

Vegans are people who love all living beings. Their love is so powerful that they can overcome the influence of their taste buds. 

They stop indulging in the intake of anything that harms any living form directly or indirectly.Someone rightly said we are what we eat, hormone secretion,

our character, immature growth all depend on our intake.If one can wring a chicken or slit a goats neck, possible that we might slit a human with the same ease.

The (*ever hungry*) food market is trying everything profitable to get meat and dairy on our table.

Most times, the most profitable is also the cruelest. But so be it.Cattle and dairy farming uses more water than agriculture, while greenhouse emission hastens global warming.

Methane released by cattle mix with other pollutants forming a layer of gases just above the ground destroying food crops by the tons.

All these are known facts but we ignore them for short term convenience and benefits.

It is true many religions supported, non-vegetarianism, simply because it was a way of life.Some of the principles were ok at that point of time.

If we examine some of the practices we will find that many have been banned.

A few examples are, sati (a former practice in India whereby a widow threw herself onto her husband’s funeral pyre.).The sacrifice of animals for religious rituals.

These were stopped by passing laws to punish anyone who indulges in such actions in the name of religion.Don’t you think the same rule of thumb applies to food that is derived by harming living beings directly or indirectly.

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Bits of My Heart
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 by MAHESH KUMAR TAUNK on Bits of My Heart

I endorse your Views Totally. Veganism is about doing minimal harm, not zero harm. Not Only does Being Vegan improve your Health, but it Subdue your Angry Instincts also it is beneficial to Mankind as the amount of resources saved like Water and Foodstock are Immense. Also, it saves the life of innocent Creatures. Just because I cannot be perfect everywhere does not mean I will stop being perfect where I can be.

 by Girish Paniker on Bits of My Heart

Absolutely right. I am not a vegan yet, but I fully endorse your views. For nature to live in abundance, we need to respect all lives.

 by Manikant Sharma on Bits of My Heart

Being vagan is a life style, a system that heals all the maladies concerning our mental urges.

 by Peter Okonkwo on Bits of My Heart

I was able to understand some things about vegan having read through this blog. Thanks for the information, it was helpful!

 by Chakravarthini on Bits of My Heart

Wonderful lines. Yes, its high time we wake up and save our environment.

 by Caroline on Bits of My Heart

Beautifully said, The bitter truth, but there is no other option, nature is all we have and its vital to preserve our nature. Every act counts .. Its never too late for a change .... With your inspiring quotes and poems im sure people will make an effort to change even if its the slighest.. It matters the most.

 by Audrey on Bits of My Heart

Inspiring and motivating lines,

 by S Govindarajan on Bits of My Heart

Excellent piece of writing.
To preserve nature, we must preserve animals.

 by Shoba Nair on Bits of My Heart

You are spot on.. We need to put an .end to animal agriculture for the same of our health, to combat climate change and to stop contributing to violence and death of the most innocent of beings. If we dont stop.the killing then let us be prepared for Nature to return the favour.