Climate change

Global Warming : Is it too late?

Yearly billion tons of polar ice are melting, the main culprit behind this is mankind.
Extensive use of fossil fuels, deforestation and pollution are increasing greenhouse gases.
Solar heat which should escape into space is being reflected on the earth's surface.
Increasing the warmth and all the possible effects due to this. Extinction is a natural phenomenon that takes place at a certain pace, human destructive behaviour has increased this 1000 times.
Though a lot of talks are taking place worldwide, effective solutions have not been implemented wholeheartedly.The proof of this is, 2016 to 2020 have been the warmest years on record.
If this trend continues the average temperature will go up another 5 degrees by the century end.
Short-lived carbon particles not only add to the increase of temperature but mix with methane and form a layer at ground level destroying crops and thus food that could feed a million hungry mouths.

global warming

A major contributor to methane is cattle farming.
Cattle waste releases methane in large quantities. Not only that on average a cow can belch around 220 pounds of methane in a year it is 20 times more potent than carbon dioxide in warming the atmosphere. In countries where cattle farming and dairy farming are not modernised the cattle live longer to gain enough weight for meat also to produce sufficient milk. As the cows live longer the carbon footprint left behind is very large. When you need millions of livestock producing

the dismal amount of product the burden on the atmosphere is enormous. We should either stop consuming meat and dairy products or try to improve the diet so that the methane emission from cattle are reduced. Cattle farming not only creates greenhouse gases they also consume huge amounts of water. 56% of water is used to grow agricultural products for making cattle feed. Going vegan is one of the best things one can cultivate, both reduce global warming as well as a humanitarian action.

We have to take action on a war footing, approaching the problem on a global scale. Instead of warring with each other and pilling up nuclear and other weapons of mass destruction. We could use all our negotiating ability to promote world peace. That money and scientific intelligence could be deployed in finding a solution to climate change and global warming. Curtailing the contribution of mankind towards its demise. A while back searching for positive words describing the effort taken by world bodies in slowing down climate change,was like searching for a needle in a haystack

Climate change

Now the situation is a little better and brighter, you can say there are more needles: A glimmer of hope. The emissary nature sent to spell out a stern warning of things to come in the future. Yes, I refer to the tiny weenie coronavirus which has not just occupied the atmosphere, but also our thought sphere. A few good things have happened, (1): pollution is at its lowest, (2): we have realised that when adversity strikes, the world can act as one: in a common direction. The negative of the pandemic other than a health crisis, programs to stop climate change has taken the back burner.

In these dark times, one positive news is the banning of CFC's. This has protected the climate in two ways. Curbing the greenhouse effect and, protecting the Ozone layer shielding plants from damaging increases in ultraviolet radiation (UV). Critically this has protected plants ability to soak up and lock Co2 from the atmosphere thus preventing the further acceleration of climate change. Without this action, the increase in temperature would have been a good 2.5 degrees more. This would have us facing the reality of a ( scorched earth',). We have avoided a major disaster just by putting our foot down on a group of chemicals CFC's. A chain of such actions might give us and this beautiful planet a fighting chance to survive.

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Bits of My Heart
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 3 reviews
 by Madhavan Nair on Bits of My Heart

I have only high praises for Ashok for not only thinking on these lines but also articulating so well capturing the attention of the readers., if we do have a choice between extinction and turning vegan, sure the option is a clear, clean and classic writing on the wall...
Not only as a poet, but Ashok will certainly shine in reading the world and putting it in prose!!!...

 by Dinesh on Bits of My Heart

This is a tough one, Ashok, and perhaps has answers in food security.

Food security has been one of the most important issues that need discussion and if science truly lends it's weight to the issue at hand, without being hemmed by politics, we will have a very different planet to live on.

If science can make possible a piece of bread to be treated such that it won't spoil for years in space, then anything is possible.

As long as we have continue conversations on vegan vs non-veg vs veg, we are not addressing the real issue. And it keeps 'all concerned' happy.

 by Gajapathy Sreepathy on Bits of My Heart

This is an inconvenient truth,best explained by Al Gore. Humanity knows the truth but chooses to ignore the facts. It may take an extinction level event for them to react. We can only pray that it is not too late. Awake humans or all will be lost and we may become extinct.