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A book with rare and ruminating notions. The profundity of poetry has made me develop an intense likeness for it – thus, embracing poetry that leaves me mulling over after I had long read it. Ashot Manikoth’s book is one of those amazing books that fall under such a category.
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APK Abhijeet Patil

Book Review

Peter Okonkwo’s work and philosophical approach serve to invoke questions of purpose, truth, finding deeper meanings of life and existence that will leave his readers with questions within themselves and a shift in perception of how they address their own obstacles and challenges. I believe knowledge is the key to uncovering truths and Whose Fault, Kismet or Impediment, will not disappoint those who seek it.
Shawna Baca
Award-winning writer, Author and Filmmaker
Peter Okonkwo’s writings gave voice to my fears and thoughts. He’s pleads questioned God, like mine has but secretly, from fear of upsetting God. He reintroduces me to the God that reasons, and I was rendered captive like a deer caught in headlights. This young author’s fearless poetic colloquia form is so raw, thought–provoking, and inspirational on the realist plane of reality! I’m so intrigued by Peter Okonkwo’s wisdom, knowledge, and understanding of life, at such an early age. I cannot wait to see how far his intellect wisdom and professionalism will take him once fine–tuned by life, which I know, is going to be super extraordinary
Nicole Gillespie
Author of Transparent Moments